Commits $2.5 million to Help Up-Skill Underserved Canadians Seeking Thriving Careers in Tech. Commits $2.5 million to Help Up-Skill Underserved Canadians Seeking Thriving Careers in Tech.

A Generous Commitment To People Looking To Establish an Impactful Career in Tech

NPower Canada has received a $2.5 million grant from, the philanthropic division of the tech company. The initiative's goal is to provide technical and employability training to 5,000 disadvantaged job-seekers, preparing them for high-demand and sustainable digital careers of the future. This grant is part of a continued commitment from, which began in July 2020 and has now reached a total of $4.5 million.

NPower Canada will utilize this grant to integrate Google Career Certificates as a core component of its virtually-delivered workforce development programs. These certificates cover in-demand areas such as IT Support, UX Design, IT Automation with Python, Project Management, and Data Analytics. Within six months of graduating, an impressive 80% of NPower Canada's graduates find employment or continue their education.

Real-Life Impact

The collaboration between and NPower Canada is more than just numbers and certificates. It's about real-life impact and transformation. Take the story of Olena Kotelnykova, a mother who fled from the war in Ukraine. Through NPower Canada, she earned the Google IT Support Professional Certificate and launched her career in Canada, landing a role as a Financial Clerk. Her dream career of becoming a Data Analyst is now within reach.

NPower Canada's Growth and Mission

NPower Canada's growth is a testament to its success and mission. From enrolling 87 learners in 2015 to 2,500 in 2022, it has expanded nationally across Canada, reaching provinces like Alberta, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Quebec, and Manitoba. As a charitable organization, NPower Canada focuses on supporting underserved youth and adults into meaningful and sustainable careers in technology.

How to Get Involved

If you're intrigued by the opportunities that NPower Canada offers and want to take the first step towards a fulfilling tech career, visit for more information on the Google Career Certificates. You can also explore the scholarships and programs on NPower Canada's website.

The partnership between and NPower Canada is a beacon of hope for aspiring tech professionals. With a proven track record, comprehensive support, and a focus on real-life impact, this collaboration offers a pathway to success in the tech industry. Whether you're starting fresh or looking to pivot, the opportunities are there, waiting for you to seize them.




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