Custom Instructions for ChatGPT: A New Way to Tailor Your Conversations

Custom Instructions for ChatGPT: A New Way to Tailor Your Conversations

Now available for all ChatGPT users on Mobile and Desktop, Custom Instructions enables you to set preferences or requirements that ChatGPT will consider when generating responses.

Personalizing Your AI Experience

Custom instructions are all about tailoring ChatGPT to meet your individual needs better. Through extensive feedback and conversations with users across 22 countries, OpenAI recognized the importance of each person's diverse contexts and unique needs.

For example, a teacher crafting a lesson plan no longer has to repeat that they're teaching a college-level course but prefers a delivery model accessible to a five-year-old. A developer desiring efficient code with verbose comments in Swift can say it once, and it's understood. Even grocery shopping becomes more helpful, with the model accounting for dietary restrictions, budget, and cuisine preferences.

Enhancing Plugins

Adding instructions can also enhance your experience with plugins by sharing relevant information. If you specify your city and interests and use a plugin like Expedia, the model might include this information to tailor the response and interaction with the plugin.

How to Start Using Custom Instructions

ChatGPT offers two ways to personalize your Custom Instructions. You can share more about yourself and provide specific preferences for how ChatGPT should respond in conversations.

iOS & Android

Settings -> Account -> Custom Instructions -> toggle ON


  1. Click on your name, then Custom Instructions
  2. Enter your instructions into both fields
  3. Click on Show Tips for some examples of what sort of things to write, then click Save.


Custom instructions for ChatGPT are a significant step towards a more personalized and efficient AI experience. ChatGPT can provide more accurate and helpful results by understanding your preferences and needs and enhancing your interaction with AI.

Whether you're an educator, developer, or simply someone looking to make daily tasks more manageable, custom instructions offer a new way to engage with AI tailored just for you.


Custom instructions for ChatGPT | OpenAI Help Center

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