Access the LinkedIn Learning Platform for Free with Your Vancouver Library Card

Access the LinkedIn Learning Platform for Free with Your Vancouver Library Card

Upskill and Grow into Your Full Potential

Whether you are a veteran of the industry, a student, or someone looking to make a career transition, constantly learning new skills is necessary for people that want to remain relevant and contribute meaningful value. Fortunately, we live in a time where access to world-class education only requires an internet connection and a library card.

Learn at Your Own Pace with an Incredible Library of Content

Linkedin Learning offers an extensive library of over 21,000 courses taught by industry professionals. The platform provides an opportunity to learn how to code in Python, perform in-depth Data Analysis, gain valuable insights for Project Management, or establish the fundamental technical skills for your next creative endeavour.

Each course provides high-quality instructional videos and interactive components to test and challenge what you have learned. Certificates can be earned and added to your Linkedin Profile upon completing specific courses.

Normally, access to Linkedin Learning is nearly $50/month. However, you can access this platform for free with a Vancouver Library Card. In fact, you can check if your Canadian city library provides free access by typing  [Your City] + Linkedin Learning into Google Search.

Fast and Easy Process to Access

For Vancouver Library Card holders, you can access the Linkedin Learning Platform with the following steps:

1. Go to the LinkedIn Learning Login Page for Libraries and Enter VPL as the libraryID
2. Login with your Library Card Credentials
3. Customize Your Learning Library Based On Your Interests
4. Learn The Latest Concepts From Industry Professionals

An Opportunity to be Proactive and Thrive

With the emergence of AI in the workplace, professions that used to be commonplace will soon become redundant or completely automated. We can prepare for and overcome this change by learning new skills and applying previous experience to new career paths. Utilizing a platform like Linkedin Learning is vital in developing relevant skills for a resilient career.

U OF A to offer a first-of-its-kind AI Certification to all undergrads


Data Analyst / Human In The Loop


Vancouver, BC

Data Analyst and Human in the Loop at Displaced.

David utilizes Prompt Engineering and Generative AI to develop resources with the goal of helping people that are being displaced in the Era of AI.